Essay on The Rights Of Black Man

997 Words Dec 5th, 2016 4 Pages
I find all too commonly that we tend to act in our own self-interest far more often than we do for the good of the people. When I say people, I am speaking about everyone, no matter their race, religion or ethnic background. We as activists must remember that there is not just one thing that needs to be fought for in terms of human rights. One thing that cannot happen is the marginalization of our fellow activists. The blacks can no longer go on being ignored while the whites move forward and only focus on the rights of the white woman while risking the rights of black man. I do agree that the incoming Jews and the Italians should be assimilated into American society to create a racially unified country, but we must also assimilate the those of African descent who have been here for nearly two centuries but have been greatly mistreated. This is an issue that was created and is still sustained by the white Europeans. In a quest to find cheap labor to work on the vast swaths of land in the New World, the wealthy Europeans turned to the African people for “help”. Slavery was not a new concept during the founding of the Americas and had been going on for centuries. The large scale of the Trans-Atlantic is what sets it apart from previous times. African settlements were being ravaged and their most able bodied were stolen and shipped across the ocean against their will to a world they had never seen. They were then sold like objects to the highest bidder. Many of us think that…

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