The Ridge Of The Floor Balcony Essay

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Rider scaled the edge of the 15th-floor balcony, the ridge was barely wide enough for him to place the ball of his foot on, and all it took was a glimpse down before his stomach flipped, he lost his footing, and he slipped. His cheek skimmed the rough cement side of the building. Rider fumbled as his left hand felt for something to grab onto, anything to grab onto. Rider was desperate, and he could feel the panic catching in his throat. The crowd screamed in terror.

“Emma!” That can 't be right, she re-read the line of her book.
“Emma!” barked the teacher as she snapped Emma’s book shut, just missing the tip of her nose. The classroom along with the cold stares of her classmates materialized in front of her.
She could feel the redness creeping into her cheeks and was quick to push her slanted red glasses back up the arch of her nose, before sliding upright back into her seat.
“Emma,” Ms. Clamor’s tried more calmly, but the irritation in her voice was unmistakable. “I 'll ask again, what biome covers the northwest region of Canada?” Emma stumbled. “Umm…” Emma’s thoughts wandered back towards Rider. Rider had just escaped the deadly depths of the African savannah...
“I know!” interrupted Todd.
Emma snapped out of her imagination.
“The northwest region of Canada is both a grassland and tundra biome,” reported Todd.
Emma thought he sounded like a dictionary and a snobby one at that. “Very good Todd!” applauded Mrs. Clamor. “--and Emma,” said her teacher…

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