The Rich People School : Symbolic Bullying Essay

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“Go home Poor Girl”: Symbolic Bullying in “The Rich People School” Bullying is a problem faced by millions around the world. With around 3.2 million students being bullied each year the problem has grown to a worldwide issue ("11 Facts About Bullying." np). Many could argue the worst part is that only 4 percent of teachers, students or adults would intervene in case of a bullying situation took place ("11 Facts About Bullying." np). Those who are bullied have to deal with many feelings like depression and sadness. It is said that one in ten students drop out of school because of repeated bullying ("11 Facts About Bullying." np). The story “The Rich People School” is a Motswana short story written by Lauri Kubuitsile, which tells of the result and action of bullying and allows us to apply it to our lives today. In the beginning of the story we are introduced to a girl named Sylvia. She is a Motswana whose life was totally changed when her mother decided to marry an American. She left her daughter (Sylvia) in the hands of her own mother so she could move to America. Sylvia’s mother required her husband to agree to send enough money to her family every month so they could live and so her daughter could attend "The Rich People 's School”. However Sylvia, while attending “ The Rich People School” is bullied and never actually goes to the school again. Bullying has always been an issue however was not always as prominent in society as it is today. The talk about bullying…

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