Essay on The Rich And The Middle Class

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1. “The rich and the middle class are now living in parallel universes, and the poor are almost invisible to both” (Marger “American Class System”). This is a quote by Robert Reich and it shows that social class and income are important in the United States and that we use it to base our lives. Just like race and gender, class is a sociological concept that puts people into specific groups with people that are like them. Social class can be defined as grouping people into a category who share roughly the same income, wealth, occupation, and educational levels. Early in life people are taught to understand the division of people and where they fall in the class system. There are three main aspects of class- income and wealth, occupational prestige, and educational level. Sociologist often refer to it as socioeconomic status rather than social class. Not only are people grouped based on things like income, they are also grouped based on their lifestyle because income and wealth play a part in what type of lifestyle they are able to live. Max Weber refers to it as a subculture and that income and lifestyle are interdependent. If people want to have nice things and go on vacations, they have to have the income to be able to support it.
The United States class system is broken up into six different layers- upper or capitalists, upper-middle, lower-middle, working, working poor, and underclass. The upper or capitalist class accounts for less than one percent of people in the…

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