The Revolutions Of 1848-1849, Il Corsaro Essay

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II. The revolutions of 1848-1849, Il Corsaro

The revolutions of the late 40s proved to be one of the most influential times not only for Italy but also for Italian Opera. It signalled the end of the old operatic regime and the rise of rights, previously scarcely practiced, for the composer – this was good news for Verdi, rights he himself helped manufacture. In this section I will be examining the revolutions and the impact that had on the impresari and their relationship with Verdi. I will also be looking at Il Corsaro closely, as it is the Verdian opera which best demonstrates Verdi’s growing confidence with negotiating with the publisher, something that Verdi became very good by the mid-50s, thus further lessening the role of the impresario, as we will find in section III.

To gain a better understanding of Verdi’s turbulent relationship with the publisher Lucca, we will examine the following correspondence:

Just guess, sir, to how many theatres Ricordi has already sent the score if Ernani, to more than twenty […] the maestro is driving the music publishers crazy. The publisher Lucca goes completely mad at times, because he cannot obtain the rights, to any of the maestro’s operas, from which he sees Ricordi making a large profit, since from copies of the score of Ernani alone (not counting the many arrangements), he [Ricordi] has already made more than 30,000 Austrian live; and if the maestro will promote him [Lucca] once one of his scores [Lucca] will recover [his…

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