The Revolutionary City Is Not Just An Area Essay example

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The Revolutionary City provides its visitors with an adorned sense of place. Although Williamsburg was restored from its original structures, with some changes implemented by the modern centuries, an American faith has bestowed on the Tidewater town of Williamsburg, Virginia. Colonial Williamsburg adequately portrays how the area incorporates the cultures, hopes, aspirations, and conflicts of the American people of the time period. The Revolutionary City is not just an area that is composed of colonial streets and buildings. It is a community of people and their tales of life linking the distant past with a relevant future. In the Historic Area, visitors are able to experience the opulence that permeated the city of Williamsburg through the forefather 's legacies. Coming face-to-face with interpreters of the day, you are able to not only hear their stories of the trying times, but also feel the emotion that radiates far beyond the context of their spoken words. "The restoration created a chance to physically interact with a sanitized version of the past and to gain a better appreciation of the restoration founders ' view of what it meant to be an American" (Greenspan 12). The Revolutionary City takes its visitors on a spiraling journey through the years of 1775 to 1781 America that includes, conversations with our founding fathers in and out of their homes, collective trade experiences in the craftsman shops, dining experiences in taverns, meeting the enslaved and learning…

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