Essay about The Revolution Of The King

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"Give me liberty, or give me death!" The frustrated Patrick Henry proclaimed reflecting on the passion about how much him and other colonists wanted their rights back from the British monarchy in his address to the Second Virginia Convention. As the colonist started colonizing the Americas, the king excited himself over the profit that could come from the expansion and the opportunity to set up Benign Neglect. The idea behind the Benign Neglect was to clear out the undesirables. He believed he could create a win-win situation by using the undesirable people to start the colonies. If it proved to be successful, his nation would become an even more dominate nation. The king was too busy thinking about the wealth that could come that he failed to account for the separation and disapproval that the colonists would soon start to feel. Once the colonist became overwhelmed with the taxation and other oppression against them they realized that they are going to have to revolt against the king’s power. The colonists’ drive to be freed from the king is the beginning of the soon to be independent United States. The colonists encouraged the America Revolution after the Acts that Britain tried to enforce in response to colonist inching towards independence and the American Revolutionary War became an unavoidable conflict for America.
The drafting of mercantilism and Navigation Acts also weaken the connection that colonist felt. Mercantilism was a philosophy used by the king, mainly…

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