The Revolution Of The French Revolution Essay

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Our story takes place in France around 1780 during the French Revolution. At the time the french society was divided into three different social classes called estates. At the top was the king and below him was the first estate that consisted of the clergy and priests. Below them was the second estate and this is where the nobles stood. Lastly at the bottom was the third estate and this was made up of the majority of the population and they were known as commoners. Life wasn’t easy at the time especially because France was in an economic crisis. Our story will follow the life of “Billy”, a peasant in the third estate. We will get to see his perspective and thoughts on all of the important events that unfolded during the French Revolution.
France was in a deep financial crisis and the people were unsure of what was to come. Louis XVI didn’t know what to do so he called for the Meeting of the Estates General to be held at the Palace of Versailles. King Louis XVI wanted all of the estates to prepare and write down any problem with the law such as fairer taxes or freedom of the press so they could discuss it at the meeting. The Third Estate didn’t like the the idea of “vote by order” which only allowed each estate to get one whole vote. The Third Estate was always left out because the First and Second estate always voted together, overpowering the commoners. Billy did not like this idea at all since him and all the other commoners had no say in what went on in the government.…

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