Essay The Revolution Of The French Revolution

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In the years leading up to the French Revolution, the public’s opinions did not matter, but as more people demanded changes to the monarchy’s modus operandi and the end of absolutism, tensions among the various classes grew. With less censorship and more safety in rebelling against the king, people were more outspoken and influenced others as a result. Members of the Third Estate began to feel confident voicing concerns about the nobles and the monarchy, and there was plenty of literature published supporting their actions. While the Third Estate’s strength grew, the nobility and the monarchy had fluctuating opinions regarding this intensifying matter. Riding its new powerful wave of significance, the public (mostly the Third Estate) used its influence to attempt to make changes in the French government, and when other estates tried to prevent that from happening, paranoid violence and chaos broke out, ultimately leading to the start of the French Revolution in 1789.
Prior to the French Revolution, most of the people in France were satisfied with allowing the king to be the divine ruler and allowing him to make the decisions regarding the will of the people, but that changed as the French Revolution approached. The king, however, did have some input from the Estates General, and that was the only way people got their voices to the king. Aside from those cahiers that reached the king, the people had no say in what the monarchy decided, and that was how it was supposed to…

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