The Revolution Of The American Revolution Essay

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In 1800 Thomas Jefferson and his Democratic-Republicans won back the presidency from the Federalist they claimed that it was a revolution and that they would be guardians of “agrarian purity, liberty and state rights”(The American Pageant). They believed that the Federalist had brought a bureaucracy to the newly founded nation and had betrayed the ideals of the American Revolution. Though Jefferson claimed he would do away with the Federalist actions like Alexander Hamilton’s bank he actually maintained the economic framework to help keep the prosperity for the newly founded nation. Jefferson however did get rid of some federalist economic ideals and had a very opposing view of how the deal with the debt the country faced. When it came to foreign policy the Democratic-Republicans had an opposing viewpoint. They where very pro French and believed in expanding America’ borders throughout the Northern Hemisphere. The Jeffersonians were also willing to hurt trade as a way to defend themselves from the British by trying to evade war while the Federalist were incredibly pro British. Even though Jefferson claimed his win was the “revolution of 1800” he ended up maintaining many of the Federalist ideals and Jefferson himself would use the power of the presidency to a greater extent then any Federalist ever did during their tenure.
Economically the Democratic-Republicans claimed they were going to up root all the Federalist had achieved in creating Hamilton’s bank and his economic…

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