The Review of the Study of Philosophy Essay example

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The review of The Study of Philosophy
1. Introduction
“All men are ‘philosophers’, by defining the limits and characteristics of the ‘spontaneous philosophy’ which is proper to everyone.” Gramsci said. This kind of philosophy consists of language itself, common sense, and last one is popular religion. (A.Gramsci, 1929-1935 the study of philosophy) It means everyone could be a philosopher in some aspect of our life. For example, people could think about an issue in different ways because of the differences of origin of language, habit, and social environment they are living. It’s no longer possible to define a philosopher as an intelligent or professional person who is working at some particular categories of subjects nowadays. People
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To think consciously and critically one’s own conceptions of world not only helps people to detect inconsistencies and common mistake in reasoning, but also to shows the evaluation of one’s faith and system of value. Once you get the clear idea of your thoughts, it will prevent you from making mistakes too.

There are four notes applied in this text to explain what philosophy is to Gramsci and how it relates to people’s life.

First of all, a person’s conception of the world is supposed to be coherent due to the shared social environment which forces people to think in a same way. However, the personality could be composed if one’s conception is incoherent and he takes the different thoughts or ideas from other social groups at the same time. Therefore, this kind of personality could be composed from Stone Age to the future which is unpredictable and changeable all the time. In Gramsci’s opinion, one’s personality is accumulating from the beginning of human beings. In order to continue to study more information of human beings, the subject of what one really is became the initial issue for previous philosophy. (A. Gramsci 1929-1935) Studying the subject of what one is to help people thinking consciously and discovering deep down to people’s mind. According to Tatiana Velitchkov’s essay, the knowledge of ‘know thyself’ which was claimed by Socrates,was based on the theory of that “you are not allowed to do wrong just

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