The Retirement Policy Trends Of America And Sweden Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to analyze the retirement policy trends in America and Sweden, while comparing their strengths and weaknesses in order to decide which country’s retirement system has the best policy. Retirement planning covers a broad range of clients and it includes determining the client’s goals and objectives in order to successfully assess the client’s financial needs at retirement. Therefore, as a financial planner, we must help our clients establish a plan that is tailored to meet their financial needs. Each country has been built upon a different foundation and they all differ on how they approach retirement.

Policy Trends in America

The retirement system in America consists of three main options; Social Security, qualified plans, and individual retirement accounts (IRA’s). Many of these plans are a part of the private sector and are operated by individuals and companies, rather than the government.

Social Security was an idea originally founded by the Social Security Act of 1935. The Great Depression is one of the main reasons as to why Social Security benefits exist today. Social Security affects many individuals and families across the country by helping provide benefits to older workers who have retired, to workers who have become disabled, and to families who have lost a spouse or a parent (“Social Security: Understanding the Benefits,” 2015. pg. 4 ¶ 2).

The Social Security system can be described as a “pay as you go” system, in which the…

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