The Resistance Against Segregation On Public Transportation Essay

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One strategies of resistance that we have learned about was the resistance against the segregation on public transportation. Segregation on public transportation in the South was very serious. Black people were treated very badly from the white passengers and the bus operators. They were asked to sit all the way to the back, cheated on the fee, or had to give up their seats to the white passengers even though they were the ones to occupy the seats first.
There were many brave people and black organizations that were no longer tolerated to this form of treatment. They came up with strategies of resistance, tactics to fight against this form of segregation. According to professor Brown, she stated during her lecture that, “segregation does not mean separation, it means unequal access to resource” (cite). Based on this point, the idea of segregation is the way of limited resources to black people. Having to live in the same community, sharing the same resources as whites, black people did not have full access to all those resources like the whites did. They were often taken advantages of in any possible ways for whites. Blacks who were treated as as the second class citizens believed to be protected by the civil right bill, nothing had fulfilled their wishes. The unfair treatment still existed. And this made them began to stand up to fight against his form of segregation. They felt like it was time to make their voices heard and took over their own power.
The resistance of…

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