The Researcher 's Primary Evidence Of Possible Misuse Of Methylphenidate ( Mp ) Comes From Non Scientific Sources

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3.1. Research Problem
The researcher’s primary evidence of possible misuse of methylphenidate (MP) comes from non-scientific sources.
According to the Health24 website, South Africa has a higher rate of prescribing medication for Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) than the United States of America (USA) ("SA has one of the highest prescription rates for ADHD medication", 2016) despite only having an estimated adult prevalence rate of 3.5% for ADHD diagnosis in 2011(Van Schalkwyk & Schronen, 2011).

Methylphenidate (MP), commonly known as Ritalin or Concerta, is the most popular psychoactive substance prescribed for ADHD (Bell, Partridge, Lucke, & Hall, 2013; Maier, Liechti, Herzig, & Schaub, 2013; Teter, McCabe, LaGrange, Cranford, & Boyd, 2006). According to studies, MP is structurally similar to amphetamines and works in a similar way as a commonly abused substance known as cocaine (Kollins, MacDonald, & Rush, 2001). Therefore; it has abusive properties and can lead to patterns of psychological dependence.

According to various studies, the stimulant is being misused by college students as they are psychologically more prone to take risks and misuse substances. Many studies have been conducted in USA, Australia and Europe regarding the prevalence of non-medical use of prescription stimulants or the correlational misuse of illicit substances with MP. However, very few studies have been conducted regarding any…

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