The Republic, By Plato Essay

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Plato 's case which favours philosophers creating the ideal polis, the Kallipolis, which is dependent on philosophers ruling with political power; knowledge and love of wisdom being key for this ideal polis. The case, presented in “the Republic” which is Plato’s most fascinating and most significant pieces, works in the development of philosophy. Socrates is at the center of this narration and for this reason is described as, “merely, the mouthpiece of his own opinion.” The case is subject to various constraints, meaning determining whether the case is both realistic and convincing is problematic.
Primarily, this work was written over 2000 years ago and figuring out the intention for this writing is rather constrained. Was this case just a hypothetical theory in order to advance a philosophical point by exercising an academic argument? Or was this intended in someway, perhaps for a future polis, where philosopher kings would rule over the masses in hopes of a just and good polis? The Republic offers a complex set of theories, as it features various philosophers, making it difficult to differentiate between opinions.
Plato argues why philosopher kings governing would be the correct form of government in order to create a better state. We will devise what this case is and explore whether or not it is a convincing view, arguing that philosophers should be entrusted with political power. Before determining whether or not this case is convincing, first we must understand what…

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