The Representation Of Aphrodite And The Media Essay

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In American society a woman’s body is sexualized in the media. Beauty is an image that everyone strives for. There isn’t an exact definitions of beauty, it can be external and internal. What one sees as beauty another can view as ugly. Normally, women in ads/ TV are portrayed as sex symbols. There goals is to get as many buyers to indulge in a certain product and project an image that if you consume what I have you’ll look and feel beautiful. Over the course of class we have read many myths about love, tragedy, incest and heroism. I’ve noticed the theme of many of the myths involve love, and its effects on their destiny. My essay will be discussing the representation of Aphrodite in the media and relating it to being a woman in America. Firstly, how did Aphrodite become a legendary lady in Greek culture and how is she symbolized in American culture? According to the Hesiod,Aphrodite’s story supposedly began after the castration of Ouranos. Gaia was earth and she had a child Kronos, with her child Ouranos. Ouranos was scared that one of his children would over through him, so he buried them in the womb of Gaia. Of course she was angry that Ouranos could hurt their children, so she and her son devised a plan to over through him. In the night while Ouranos was asleep Kronos snuck up on him and cut his gentilia with a sickle, casted it in the water. “The genitalia themselves, freshly cut with flint, were thrown clear of the mainland into the restless white-capped sea, where…

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