The Relationship Between The Colonies And The British As A Political Writer

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Thomas Paine played a major role in the development of America in the 1800s. As a political writer, he wrote both Four Letters on Interesting Subjects and The Last Crisis Number XIII . The papers describe the relationship that the Colonies had with Britain at the time. We can still see how Thomas Paine has an effect in today’s society by looking out countless authors and how they view him. Four Letters on Interesting Subjects addressed the relationship between the colonies and the British as being a country that is oppressive and creating tension by not sharing the same principles that the American colonies wanted. In letter one Thomas Paine talks about the Stamp-Act and Tea-Act . He believes that those acts were not implemented for the purpose of gaining revenue but instead to make America submit to the crown. Thomas Paine wrote, “It is generally believed that Mr. Grenville had nothing more in view in getting the stamp-act passed than the raising a revenue in America quietly; and it is fully believed by many, that the present king and ministry had no revenue in view in passing the tea-act; their object was a quarrel…. To see America in arms is probably the very thing they wished for… a pretense for declaring us rebels; and persons conquered under that character forfeit their all… to the crown” (Common Sense and other Writings, 63).
Thomas Paine shows that the British were creating tension between them and the American colonies by creating these acts and unfairly taxing…

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