The Relationship Between Sociology And Sociology Of Women Essay

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Several factors have helped to finally emerge the history of women in universities. The arrival as researchers very slowly helped legitimize women and their history as a field of study and the interest in questions women from the feminist movement who becomes a social force that account certainly weighs in this development. The current of the new history that offers new challenges and new approaches is also immediately appeared as open to women 's issues. However, one could understand this change without turning this observation to sociology that, in the writings of feminist scholars on the place of women in areas already recognized as the sociology of family or work.

The relationship between sociology and feminism is that sociology stresses despite equal rights acquired fairly recently, economic inequalities between men and women persist. These inequalities are not analyzed by sociologists as the product of a natural inequality between men and women, but as the consequence of a social construction. This is what translates the notion of gender, which refers to differences in social construction. Many of the behaviors or characteristics of men and women that are considered natural vary from one individual to another. This is to acknowledge and explain sociological impact and cognitive contribution of the movement and feminist research in social sciences in general and in particular sociology.
In the other hand feminism is so used to thinking in terms of theories, normative…

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