The Relationship Between My Parents And My Dad Essay

1239 Words Oct 6th, 2015 null Page
Growing up as an only child, the relationship between my parents and I was always very close. If I needed a good shoulder to cry on, my mom always swooped in like superwomen and let me cry to her. If I was looking for a good laugh, my dad was always there to give me one. So you can imagine that when they moved 800 miles away from me, it was a huge adjustment. I knew that our relationship would change, but I had no idea it would be tested so quickly after they moved. About 15 years ago, my stubborn, hot headed, hardworking dad was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes means that you are insulin dependent. Meaning that without taking insulin every day, his sugar levels would sky rocket out of control. Only being 8 at the time, this meant to me that dad can’t have candy. I had no idea that being a diabetic meant that you need to control everything you eat and drink, and regularly check your blood sugar. As far as I can remember, he always kept it under control and he never had to take any last minute hospital trips for it being too high or too low. My dad and I have always been extremely close. Being a self-employed contractor, he pretty much made up his own start and stop times. If I was sick and stayed home from school, he was always there waiting on me hand and foot. I can remember I was so sick one winter that my dad barely went to work. Of course this was awful on his pay check and his clients weren’t too happy about it, but I was the baby of the family.…

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