The Relationship Between Men And Women During The Agricultural Revolution

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To grasp why the relationship between the men and women changed after the Agricultural Revolution, we should first get a brief outline of how the women were seen before the Revolution, and what part they played. With the assistance of archeologist and history recorded, we have the ability to differentiate the refinements in history of points of views of power between the men and women. There are three separate phases of human development in history: hunting and gathering, farming, and city life.1 The woman’s role changed in the midst of each of these stages. Preceding farming insurgency, amid the hunting and gathering stage, women had an imperative part in gathering and creating maintainability and safeguarding of sustenance.2
In the Paleolithic period they did not have private property and wealth, and they had no distinction in wealth and power, following every individual did a great deal of comparable work which was hunting and gathering. The women were considered objects of worship and fertility gods.3 After the Agricultural Revolution, the relationship amongst the men and women altered. The agriculture became more developed, so the women’s roles changed as well, and as a result, the view on the significance between a man and a woman also altered. The women were more self-sufficient and free in the hunting and gathering stage.
Why did the relationship between men and women change after the Agricultural Revolution? Preceding the agricultural revolution, the men basically…

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