The Relationship Between Alzheimers And Neural Decay Essay examples

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Alzheimers and Neural Decay

Brain diseases are a common occurrence in the world throughout history, though only now are we beginning to obtain a proper understanding of them. Neurotrasmitter and brain structure disorders are caused by motor proteins being delayed or just unable to make it to their destination within the brain. This happens when neurological pathways are blocked, synapses disconnected, or pathways in the brain even being “tangled up” blocking its workings.(Oaklander, 2016) Exposure to drugs that deplete serotonin, dopamine, or other chemicals common in the brain can significantly increase the risk of neurological related diseases. Dementia covers a large number of disorders, all related to to the deterioration of memory and critical thinking in a brain slowly becoming damaged. Dementia increases rapidly with age and although memory loss becomes more common when anyone gets older, dementia occurs when it starts to heavily impact daily life and normal living and memory recollection. Alzheimers is the most common form of dementia having 50-75% of all cases. (Mastin 2010) Alzheimers is characterized by rampant loss of basic skills, memory, and change in behavior all caused by the damage of neural pathways and is a worrisome disease which effects a large number of the population and has no known cure at this time.

Onset dementia and alzheimers is very hard to see in it 's early stages. It may be confused with just regular aging and regression of memories. An…

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