The Refugees Of The United States Essay

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All the refugees that come from around the world to the United States need to have programs that they can join. I know this because the refugees don 't feel like they fit in here and can get into trouble when they don 't have something to do in our society. Refugees that don 't have things to do in our society can cause trouble, join gangs and become criminals. If we don 't help them out with refugee programs and let them do these things, they will corrupt our society and split our towns in half.

These programs can be a variety of things. Sports, classes, video games, clubs, hobbies, etc. Group programs could be put together without much work and can be run by only one or two adults. Yet they can have a big impact. These programs will support refugees and help bring them out into our communities.

If we don 't take a little initiative and create these simple refugee support programs there will be a bad future ahead of us. Without these social programs, refugees will be alone, unsupported and they won 't have a good use of their time. Once there is a tremendous amount of refugees in America, they can have a tremendous effect. They will resort to gangs and crimes to try to get themselves out of poverty. Any sane person wouldn 't want to live in a country filled with refugees running around stealing, killing and preforming any number of crimes. So if you 're a logical person you better help prevent this crisis.

In the book "Outcasts United"…

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