The Reduction Of Carbon Dioxide Emissions Essay example

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China is the biggest consumer and producer of energy in the world and binds great importance to the issue of carbon dioxide emissions.1 In the twelfth five year plan,2 the goal to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions is clearly put forward. The 12th Five Year Plan is compiled and planned by the China National Development and Reform Commission and is the programmatic document to guide the national economic and social development in long term. It focuses on the energy conservation and emission reduction, sounds incentive and restraint mechanisms, accelerates the construction of resource-saving and environmentally friendly mode of production and consumption, and enhances the capacity for sustainable development. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to make a thorough analysis of the impact factors on carbon dioxide emissions, and to construct a scientific forecasting model to predict the future carbon dioxide emissions, which can provide a basis for making effective carbon dioxide emission reduction path. CO2 emissions is an important cause of the greenhouse effect so that studies about the carbon dioxide emission mechanisms and the impact factors are required to speed up all over the world, which can not only effectively solve the increasingly tight trend of the fossil energy supply but also moderate the ecological threat and economic loss caused by the greenhouse effect.
Some scholars believe that carbon dioxide emissions are closely related to the energy…

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