Essay on The Red Convertible By Louise Erdrich

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In the story “The Red Convertible” by Louise Erdrich we come across the question of why Lyman pushed this beloved car into the river. Lyman appears to have pushed the car because of the memories he recalled every time he looked at it. The memories of all the good times he had with Henry but also those of the bad, and of his last night with his brother.

When Lyman and Henry first bought the car together they took a road trip that forged new memories full of laughs and happy times. One of the first things Lyman mentions was a place with willows where they laid down and slept while watching and listen to a nearby powwow (1074). At this point in the story the brothers are so happy and peaceful that they look at the world and what 's going on around them through a carefree lens. They are living on the road, traveling the countryside together in their new car, living freely and forging new memories without a care in the world. They soon met “the girl” (Erdrich 1074) on the side of the road and offered to drive her home to Chicken, Alaska (1074).The wording of the “the girl” (Erdrich 1074) in the story implies that this girl meant something more to him than he was willing to say. This girl 's name was Susy and they came to have a blast together, but all of those shared memories involved Henry. Making the car and Susy something that would bring up all the pain, he tries to bury with the loss of his brother. That is why the connection he might have once had with Susy seems distant…

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