Essay about The Reception Of American Soldiers

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Reception of American Soldiers
The war of 1955, has many names, but know as the Vietnam war to Americans. When thinking of a veteran of current time we think heroic men and woman that have sacrificed them selves to fight for our freedom. In 1975 this was not the case, when all the Vietnam vervains came home, they were welcomed fists instead of open arms. There are many stories of veterans that would shock people today. What was it like over in Vietnam?
It was 1955, Americans were paying close attention to this cold war between North and South Vietnam but were not going to engage. As it got worse over the years, then President John F. Kennedy decided to not let South Vietnam fall into communism. They got involved In 1961 and started requiting Americans for the war that was about to become a huge mistake. The civil rights movement was going on at this time as well and the government was the first institution to offer jobs to African-Americans. They were given a deal to where they could get formal training and have an opportunity for a better life after the war. Many wished to serve because of their patriotism knowing little of what was to come during and after the war. The war ended in 1975 and won by the Americans. The journey back was wild with anticipation to see loved ones. They quickly found out there was another war waiting for them at home. A man was wounded in 3 different places and barely survived the war. Quote from the man, “As a matter of fact, not…

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