Essay The Reasons For Settling The Colonies

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Settling the Colonies:
Discuss the primary motivations for the settling of Massachusetts (New England), Pennsylvania (Middle), and Virginia (Southern) colonies. Land, work, and freedom of religion were all encouraged colonists to settle the New World. As the English Civil War had raged on, religion in England had become extremely unstable, which encouraged many people to travel overseas for sanctuary. Such a colony, Plymouth, in Pennsylvania was founded under the Mayflower compact to tolerate Puritanism. However, religion wasn’t the only concern. The ability to obtain property and an occupation had become difficult resulting in a migration to areas such as Virginia and Massachusetts. Upon settling, colonists were designated land for little or no price and could freely become farmers, hunters, and businessmen. In effect, the New World was built upon the dejected, misfits and the occasional adventurer of the old-English culture.

Compare and contrast the economic activity of Massachusetts (New England), Pennsylvania (Middle), and Virginia (Southern) colonies. Economic activities in the colonies ranged from agricultural to industrial to a mix of each. For a good reason, the colonies were split into groupings of New England, Middle, and Southern provinces. This is likely due to the similarities that colonies in these same groups shared. For instance, the southern colonies’ economic influx consisted mainly of plantations that harvested tobacco and sugar, while New…

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