The Reason I Jump Analysis

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While reading “The Reason I Jump,” There were many questions being asked about how people with autism deal with problems on a everyday basis. While some answers are broad some are very specific and to the point. First it starts by telling me that his mother invented the alphabet grid, to allow him to communicate on his own, with her, and other people around him. If it wasn’t for this, how else would we have been able to read about how much they would like to express themselves but feel trapped. While reading “The Reason I Jump,” one will get a feel as to why they talk the way they do, why they think the way they do, all to not making eye contact and so on. The fact that he doesn’t like speaking to other people because his pitch …show more content…
This is the same when someone is trying to hold their hand, its not they would like to let go of it, its just that they have impulses to see something they find intriguing, and fast. People often tend to say people with autism rather be alone, but really the would love to interact with people like us, aside from the fact that they feel bad because they believe they are causing trouble for parents and/or other people around… so they rather keep to the selves. They have very unique ways of expressing themselves and it tends to be alone and more during the night time when they wont be seen or heard, they enjoy jumping, they feel excitement this also goes for when they are sad, making them affected even more emotionally. When Naoki jumps, he feels as if his feelings are going away up into the sky, making him seem carefree, and …show more content…
To touch, or even to how one talks to the person. Truly, it also depends on their memories, memory plays a huge roll, but we misinterpret why they are crying. One bad memory can cause them to feel overwhelmed and we wouldn’t even know because they can not directly tell us, so usually as any other parent they would get frustrated and probably be more causing the child to go into distress because they feel helpless.
Most people believe they are dependent since they don’t like to rely on people because they feel bad that they have to go through so much, but really they are so good at not showing their true feelings. I feel that Naoki did a very great job at trying to let us get a feel of what they go through on a daily basis. He really did help many others understand and hopefully many more will be more careful of how they approach a kid that has autism because this book has explained how to do so in many ways, as to just simply not screaming and getting frustrated with them, to simply let them

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