Essay on The Reality Of North Korea Economy

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Ruizhe Li
Mr. Jones
English 12 CP
20 March 2015
The Reality of North Korea Economy
On November 24th 2014, Sony Picture Entertainment experienced a severe cyber attack conducted by a group of hackers called “The Guardians of Peace”. The hackers demanded the cancellation of the planned release of the movie “The interview”, which depicted the assassination of North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un. Aside from the political and comical meanings of “The interview”, the movie also depicted North Korea a country that is in deep poverty. The fake grocery store contrasts significantly with Kim Jong-un’s paradise-looking palace. For a long time North Korea has been concealing its true economic development. Most people would curious, as the only country that almost isolated from the outside world, what would its economy look like? What is the reality of North Korea’s economy? A thorough investigation showed that to fully understand the current North Korea’s economic status, the analysis of three perspectives is required: the current economy status, the effects that the outside world has, and the future trend of its economy.
North Korea has been isolating itself from the outside world since its establishment in 1948. Without a frequent international trade, North Korea’s economy was growing slowly over the years. According to the data collected by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), GDP of North Korea was growing slowly for the past five years, and for some years it was even…

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