Essay on The Reaction Of Chemical Reactions

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Usually, this state results when the forward reaction proceeds at the same rate as the reverse reaction. Chemical reactions vary greatly in the speed at which they occur. Some are essentially instantaneous, while others may take a very long time to reach equilibrium. The reaction is presented by The time in the reaction when the mixture remains colourless is the clock period. This will depend upon the initial concentrations of the sodium bisulphite ions (NaHSO3) and the potassium iodate ions (KIO3). If the concentration is increased

In a recent study developed by L.K.Brice of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Virginia found that there is a limit to the application of this relationship. The ratio of the bisulfite ion concentration to the iodate ion concentration must be less than 3 for the solution to undergo a sudden colour change. This means that sodium bisulfite is the limiting reagent at an initial mole ratio less than 3, and that potassium iodate is the limiting reagent at initial mole ratios greater than 3. Furthermore, it seems that the colour change occurs at the movement when all the bisulfite has just been

The clock period should become quicker as the temperature of the mixture increases because usually when you raise the temperature it will speed up the reaction, while lowering the temperature slows down reactions. Causing the increase of particles that then have enough kinetic energy to react when they collide.

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