The Raven Essay

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“The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe Edgar Allan Poe was a famous writer who is well known for his poem, “The Raven.” In this poem, “Edgar Allan Poe tells a horror story within the structure of a poem- He employs language, rhyme scheme, rhythm, symbolism, and punctuation as tools to convey his message. The poem has an overall tone of loneliness, a universal theme.” (2) There are a lot of symbols that helps to understand the sadness, emotions, and the depression that is going on with man in this poem. There is a lost love and the man misses his beloved. He wrote this poem with such darkness and agony. “Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary,” (1) is the first line that automatically starts off depressing and emotional. …show more content…
This poem is very nightmarish, dark, and gothic like. “Poe's poems remain memorable for their evocation of nightmarish scenes, desolate wastes, and tragic passions.” (Bloom, 1) Still, there is someone tapping on the man’s “chamber door” and he still has no knowledge of who the stranger could be. In the third stanza, even more thrilling events begin to happen since the stranger at the door had never replied to who it could be. The man explains how he was beginning to be afraid and he uses the words “fantastic terrors never felt before,” to show proof of his fear for this unseen stranger that had been knocking at his “chamber door.” The word chamber means room. When reading this poem anyone would wonder, “how could someone get in his house?” Those same thoughts could have been haunting the character’s mind also. In the fourth stanza he asks, politely who is it knocking at his chamber door, and politely explaining that he was just getting ready to nap. But still there was no reply. Now this time the man opens the door and peeks out the door. This goes back to how Poe writes his stories and poems in a thrilling way that scares his readers and that keeps his readers heart beating and on the edge because of the mystery that he leaves. He leaves the readers wondering what will happen next. In this stanza the word “darkness” was mentioned. “Darkness there, and nothing more.” The word

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