The Rain Never Came - Original Writing Essay

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Imagine that one Sunday morning, in early seventeenth century America, you wake to find the threat of a rainstorm later in the day looming in the sky. Not wanting to be caught on the road when the storm hits, your husband decides to skip church (just for today, of course) and try to get the harvest in before the frost hits. After watching him work in the fields for a long, hard day, you are relieved to find that the rain never came. But upon returning to your house, you find an official waiting to haul you off to court on cause of witchcraft- how could someone who doesn’t come to church love God? Caught off guard, you try to explain about the storm- but the rain never came, and why should you stay home from church just because your husband does anyway? As your story is shouted down as a lie, the chaos becomes so overwhelming even you think you may have in fact been lying. In Salem, Massachusetts in 1692, a total of nineteen men and women were tortured and eventually killed on behalf of others’ accusations. To make matters worse, the accused, who were usually minorities, were told that their death was justified because they were clearly trafficking with the Devil, a crime of unparalleled horror in a Puritan town- but a crime that could never quite be proven. Through the submissive portrayals of women and minorities in The Crucible, such as Elizabeth Proctor, as well as the occasional minority who does not bend to these rules (like Abigail), Miller illustrates how the use of…

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