The Raid At Harper 's Ferry Essay

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In October of 1859, the raid at Harper’s Ferry, led by John Brown, deepened the split between the North and South due to the brutality and violence used by Brown and his men in order to fight for the equality and freedoms that slaves in America deserved. Throughout 1859 to 1863, views in the North and South started to change as Democratic Southerners viewed all northerners as being solely identified by John Brown while the North split into radical abolitionists, who began to proclaim him as a martyr, and Northern Republicans, who saw the wrong that was present in the raid at Harper’s Ferry. Alongside growing tensions from Abraham Lincoln’s presidential win in 1860, the raid contributes to the start of the Civil War as the South becomes wary of the North, causing South Carolina to secede from the Union and by 1863, the war’s focus becomes slavery with the Emancipation Proclamation. John Brown serves to be an extremely important man in America’s history due to his role as a radical abolitionist who ultimately dies in the name of his cause. His plan to instigate a slave rebellion was doomed from the beginning and ultimately led to the death of Americans and left Brown with an unaccomplished goal to free the slaves. Prior to this event, Brown was already famous due to his participation in “Bleeding Kansas”; his vicious attack at Pottawatomie Creek in 1856. This, coupled with tensions from the Southerners due to the election of Abraham Lincoln as president, caused many…

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