The Quiet And Introverted Protagonist, Kousei Arima, From The Series Your Lie

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The character chosen for this case study analysis is the quiet and introverted protagonist, Kousei Arima, from the series Your Lie in April. The series is set in Japan, and follows Kousei and how his life is turned around when he meets Kaori, a free-spirited violinist. As seen through flashbacks, Kousei was a piano prodigy as a child and won many competitions under the instruction of his strict mother. As his mother became ill, she became increasingly harsh and critical of young Kousei. After his mother dies, Kousei is left scarred and traumatized by his childhood, so much so, that he gives up performing due to, what he describes as, being unable to hear the notes that he plays on the piano. The series takes place several years after the death of Kousei’s mother, and he is now in middle school. After meeting Kaori through a childhood friend, Kousei is pushed back into the limelight when Kaori convinces him to play accompaniment for her at a music competition. After a stress-induced breakdown caused by the performance, Kaori makes it her mission to open Kousei up to playing the piano again onstage. This is where the plot begins to unfold and the series takes off.
Kousei Arima is an introverted character with, initially, only two close friends. He is quiet and kind hearted, but when he attempts to play the piano for pleasure or for a performance, he becomes panicked and, at times, is filled with agonizing guilt. When he gets into this panicked-state, he claims to be unable to…

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