The Quest Of The Silver Fleece Essay

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In 1911, when W.E.B. DuBois published The Quest of the Silver Fleece, the African American community stood at a critical time in the course of black history. For the first time in America, they were “free.” Looming all around was the Negro question. The whites asked “what to do with the Negro,” while the blacks asked “what shall I become?” These questions are mentioned explicitly and implicitly through DuBois’ novel. Emphasis has always been put on “great whites” attempt to answer that question. Characters like Miss Smith wanted African Americans to get an education, she believed that was salvation for blacks. Characters like Henry Cresswell wanted African Americans to sharecrop to a make him a profit and continue the tradition of enslavement. However through the novel, DuBois uses characterization to highlight the black voices, black questions and answers. The African American must answer the Negro question too. How will I enter society? How will I develop in the modern world? How will my future look different than my past? This unit analysis will discuss modernity and the Negro question as seen through the black characters in the text. Due to the length of the analysis, I will focus solely on the characterization of Zora, specifically her emergence from folk to modernity as an answer to the Negro question. I will focus intently on her curiosity and how her presence answers part of the Negro question as answered by DuBois. In The Black Atlantic as a…

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