The Qualities Of Self Assessment Essay

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According to Harold S. Geneen, a famous American business associate, “leadership is not so much practiced in words as in attitude and action.” In past leadership essays I have brought definition upon the title of leader, but through my two years of experience I can finally acknowledge that leadership holds no true definition. Leadership is a conceptual and specific idea to every individual. The personal concept I hold as the epitome of leadership includes the ability of self-assessment, humility, determination, and communication. A leader continually gives self-assessment on their actions and goals; I ask myself my goals for myself and my team while also asking what weaknesses I possess in order to always be the best leader I can possibly be. The ability of self-assessment allows me to understand what I truly want for our guard and marching band. My ultimate goal is to encourage growth and prosperity among the members of band and guard while also creating an impact on their lives. I want to be remembered as a leader, a leader that helps others reach their full potential, a leader that is a role model, and a leader that will be missed. The next question I ask myself is based on my weaknesses and as the Mendoza College of Business acknowledges, “knowing your areas of weaknesses does not make you weak; on the contrary, it allows you to delegate to others who have those abilities, in order to achieve the common goal… [and] rather than clinging to the false belief that they can…

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