Qualitative Reading Inventory Assessment

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Shevaun was given the Qualitative Reading Inventory (QRI) test. The QRI test is a test that is used to assess a student’s ability to recognize words and comprehend information within a text correctly. According to Lencher et al. (2008) “weak readers overrely on context and recognize words in context more easily than out of context” (p. 68). It can also be used to assess a child’s ability to read aloud, fluency rate and their ability to retell the information that was read. The test consists of a list of twenty words for each grade level from pre-primer to high school level. The complexity of the words gradually increased by grade level. I administered this assessment on October 26, 2016, to find out Shevaun’s instructional reading level to …show more content…
Shevaun was administered the Level one, two three and four narrative passages. These assessments were used to determine his fluency level and comprehension skills of the text he reads. On the level one reading passage entitled “Marva Finds a Friend,” Shevaun read it in 136 seconds with only I miscue. He got thirty out of fifty ideas correct for retelling the story. The data further shows that he got four explicit and two implicit answers correct, which placed him at an independent reading level. On the level two passage entitled “Father’s New Game,” Shevaun read two hundred and ninety-eight words in one hundred and eighty-two seconds. He got a total of seven miscues as he would continuously identify the word “Mary” as “Maria.” He also incorrectly pronounced the word “taped” as “tap” and “gave” as “have,” however, he self-corrected himself, and this gave him a total of five meaning change miscues as he was able to self-correct himself twice. Out of a total of forty-nine recalled ideas, he was able to recall twenty-three ideas. The complete results showed that he got eight out of eight comprehensions

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