Essay about The Pursuit Of Freedom And Freedom Of Thinking

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Obtaining knowledge is key path for slaves to awake from their ignorance. Douglass carried his hatred of slavery and the nostalgia of the temporary love in his childhood began the pursuit of freedom and freedom of thinking. When he was living with Hugh and Sophia Auld in Baltimore, Douglass learned how to read and speak English under Auld’s wife’s teaching. This experience of learning set the turning point to Douglass’s life and he realized the important of seeking education to slaves. This awaken emerged when Douglass overheard Mr. Auld forbidden his wife educate Douglass because educating slaves in Maryland not only violate the law, but also dangerous, “Learning would spoil the best nigger in the world” “if you teach that nigger how to read…it would forever unfit him to be a slave….become unmanageable, and of no value to his master… (Chp 6)” He realized that slaveholders were using their ignorance as tool of slavery and only knowledge can liberate him. Physical and mental afflict were part of the strategy that whites maintain power over black slaves. Whites want to keep them uneducated, making them appear less intelligent than whites, so that they could never enjoy the right to know the fact in the slavery. This enlightened Douglass’s first thought of freedom and the path of freedom: knowledge. He had awakened consciousness and determined to seek further educate himself as tool gain the freedom of all slaves. Although Douglass awakened consciousness of knowledge is…

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