Essay on The Purloined Letter By Edgar Allen Poe

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The short story "The Purloined Letter" by Edgar Allen Poe published in The Gift for 1845 in 1844 is a story about crime and mystery. The story revolves around C. Auguste Dupin, a friend of the unnamed narrator and is a detective asked by Monsieur G (the Prefect of the Parisian police) to solve a recent case. While the story is told from the point of view of the narrator, the speaker and main character of the story is the detective C. Auguste Dupin. The narrator rarely adds in any of his own comments and completely trusts the detective 's words rarely questioning if at all the detective 's way of thinking. This short story follows the formal New Criticism format of allowing the reader to understand the main idea in the closing paragraphs. Although nearly all of the information provided by the author all point to D -- -- as the person responsible for stealing the letter, detective C. Auguste Dupin is the real culprit. The introduction of the story gives a detailed description of the setting and time frame the story takes place in. It also sets the atmosphere in which the story would mostly follow. Without a detailed background summary, the author relies upon the reader to fill in the gaps with their own imagination. A hint about the conclusion has been included in the introduction but it can be quickly overlooked as the reader may think it doesn 't signify much. "we shall examine it to better purpose in the dark" (1). Other than this small hint, no other hints are dropped…

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