Essay on The Puritan Dilemma Of Puritans

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The Puritan Dilemma
Imagine living in a world where someone’s own personal and religious life was being affected by that of the country that they lived in. In most cases that was not a life they wanted to live, and some people looked for a way out. In the case of the Puritans of England, they willingly sailed across three thousand mile Atlantic Ocean, for a chance to set up a settlement where they could live and worship the way they believed was the right way without the pressures of the crown.
Puritanism was the belief that the Church of England should be purged of its hierarchy and of the traditions and ceremonies inherited from Rome. Putting this aside it demanded more of the individual than it did of the church. A puritan had to dedicate their lives to seeking salvation but stated they were helpless to do anything but evil. It identified that they rest their whole hope in Christ, but Christ would reject them unless before they were born God had foreordained their salvation. Puritanism demanded that they had to abstain from sin but they would sin anyways. Puritanism wanted to reform the world in the image of God’s holy kingdom, but the wickedness of the world was incurable and unavoidable. Puritans had to work to their ultimate ability at whatever task assigned and could partake the good things that God filled the world with, although they must enjoy work and their pleasures only with their attention fixed on God (p. 5). Puritans believed that they held a covenant with…

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