The Public Health And Community Nurse Is Not Only The Protection Of Children From Bullies

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Bullying is a topic that is often in the news. Everyone has at some time in their life felt the unwelcome attention of a bully. According to the Pacer National Bullying Prevention Center, “one out of four students report being bullied during the school year” (2016, para 1). The role of the public health /community nurse is not only the protection of children from bullies but also determining a solution to the nationwide epidemic of bullying. Public health nurses need to be on the forefront in the development, implementation and evaluation of programs designed to eliminate the negative effects of bullying and other health related issues in the community.
Bullying is a worldwide epidemic that can cause depression and even suicide in the victims of this crime. Individuals are bully for a myriad of reasons including race, sexual preference, having a developmental or physical disability, or body shape. A program based on the effective discipline principles could make a difference in the life of an individual that is experiencing bullying or is doing the bullying to others.
The objective of the anti-bullying program will be to eliminate bullying by stopping the action. This would entail addressing the root causes of the bullying behavior and determine what triggers the bullying behavior in the bully. This would involve identifying students which have exhibited signs of taunting, aggressiveness and disrespect against peers. The students would be paired with a mentor. The…

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