Essay about The Protestant Reformation Of The 1600

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The Protestant Reformation of the 1600’s was a major turning point in history that shaped our faith and theology. By the 1600’s the Catholic Church had become the wealthiest and most powerful empires in all of Europe. Ironically enough one of the reasons of the reformation was how this Roman Empire raised money to secure is position of power. In addition the Catholic Church owned large parcels of land about one third of Europe. There were many leaders instrumental to this protestant revolution such as Martin Luther, John Calvin and King Henry VIII. The Reformation was an ultimate shift away from abuses of the Catholic Church. After much time of being in power, corruption had seeped through its priesthood and the once important guidance of man spiritual destination had been replaced with gaining wealth and power to continue to control its empire. Earle Cairns wrote “ If discontent becomes extreme when people face adverse conditions, their disaffection will usually express itself through some great leader who will express their ideas for them.” (Cairns, 275) Little did they know that Martin Luther would change the platform by which Christians practice their faith and the authority of scripture. While Luther would start the fight, many others such as Zwingli, and John Calvin would forever change how we view ourselves in light of Christ salvation an how the church governs the body.
One of the most instrumental people in bringing about the reformation was Martin Luther. While…

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