The Protestant Reformation : Martin Luther Essay

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Protestant Reformation
Martin Luther was a young professor of sacred scripture. Luther had forsaken money and marriage for a monastic life of prayer, study and self-denial. He found a passage from the Saint Paul’s Epistle that stated salvation resulted in from religious faith, not from doing certain things a certain way. This led Luther to object the way preachers were emphasized giving money to the church rather than focusing on emphasizing faith. Martin Luther wrote a complaint to Pope Leo about this abuse and challenged all of the preachers to a debate over the theology of indulgences. This dispute was a contest between the two strong willed men and it largely ignored the theological objections. Pope Leo regarded the letter as a challenge of papal power and went on to silence Luther. A papal representative led Martin Luther into an open disagreement with the church doctrines, and a papacy condemned Luther during the debate in 1519. Blocked from reforming within the church Luther burned the document of condemnation and rejected the pope’s authority. He then began the Protestant Reformation.
The Protestant Reformation was a movement to reform the Roman Catholicism in Europe during the 16th century. This movement brought religious pluralism in Europe and attacked the religious dogma which dominated politically, socially, and religiously. Martin Luther led the reformation and was modified by John Calvin and then later modified by Henry VIII, who was the king of England.…

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