Essay on The Protection And Human Security Of Civilians

1450 Words Nov 9th, 2015 6 Pages
The protection and human security of civilians is one of the primary purposes of the UN department of peacekeeping, yet evidence for whether or not they are actually effective in prevention of civilian deaths is a topic that has been controversially debated since the end of the cold war when peacekeeping interventions escalated. While the UN has been criticized for it’s failures, there is no doubt that some of their peacekeeping missions have been highly effective in the protection of citizen lives. There are diverging reasons behind why peacekeeping operations may either succeed or fail and there are several questions that should be addressed before the UN is to deploy any peacekeeping operations (PKO’s). Since the main goal is to improve the success of UN intervention missions, then it would be within the best interests of the international community to construct their operation strategies around specific questions that answer to both the size and capabilities of these missions. This essay argues that if situational factors were addressed properly before the deployment of PKO’s, they would have a greater opportunity for being fit for the operation. The article United Nations Peacekeeping and Civilian Protection in Civil War for the American Journal of Political Science suggests that PKO’S would be better prepared to serve and protect civilians if they were to commit a larger number of military and police troops to their operations. While there are comparative arguments…

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