The Pros And Cons Of Vaccines For Children

Many parents find vaccines to cause more trouble than what they are worth. It worries doctors that parents do not realize what they are limiting their children from doing because they are scared for the outcome they might receive. Doctors find it rather dangerous to not receive the vaccinations. It is very beneficial to give children the vaccinations for they will understand when they get older. Although some parents find that the risks outweigh the benefits when it comes to youth vaccinations, doctors are highly suggesting them to reconsider to save future generations and quite possibly the lives of their own children. Vaccinations help people fight diseases and keep them safe from other future diseases they might receive. One article states, …show more content…
Not receiving vaccinations as a child can limit the body's ability to fight infections or diseases. Doctors encourage keeping the immune system strong so the body will be able to take on bacteria when entered. Having a weak immune system can lead the body to suffer more when a sickness approaches because it will not be able to guard against the infection. In one article it explains how not receiving vaccinations can hurt the immune system by stating, "The person who is vaccinated is protected because the vaccine stimulates his or her immune system to recognize the harmful bacteria or virus in the future and provide a protective response" (Mostafavi). When there are no antibodies present when contact from an illness occurs, your chances of becoming infected increases drastically and with it comes more acute symptoms. Your immune system originated to limit the spread of bacteria throughout the body. Although some children cannot receive vaccinations as a child, doctors highly recommend the children that are able to do so for the sake of the people around them. Many vaccinations are for community circumstances. Doctors suggest the people as a whole to get them so one disease does not spread. The same article states, "Herd immunity protects the people of a community, and jumps on the one disease itself going around and fights it so it does not spread far" (Mostafavi). Herd immunity limits the spread of bacteria throughout a large number of people. Doctors highly encourage everyone receive it to keep the group as a whole safe. Children deserve the opportunity to receive vaccinations, so they will be just as healthy as everyone

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