Causes Of Sexual Assault

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Every 107 seconds, another American is sexually assaulted. According to the NCVS (National Crime Victimization Survey), there is an average of 294,000 (12 years old and over) reported victims every year (Gaiman). Only 30% of sexual assault cases are reported (“Facts and Statistics”). Sexual assault can be detrimental to anybody’s mental, physical, and emotional stability. Sexual abuse, also referred to as molestation, is forcing undesired sexual behavior by one person upon another. When that force is immediate, of short duration, or infrequent, it is called sexual assault. The offender is referred to as a sexual abuser or molester. The motive is rarely sexual; it is intended to abuse, humiliate, and dehumanize the victim. The bruises will fade, …show more content…
Falling under the definition of sexual assault are sexual activities as forced sexual intercourse, forcible sodomy, child molestation, incest, fondling, and attempted rape. There are many different causes for someone to become a sexual offender, and there are many “triggers” that could set off a sexual offender. “They are opportunists, who lack feelings for another and who have an antisocial personality disorder” (What Causes Someone To Molest”). Many sexual offenders have mental disorders and do require special treatment. However, these reasons do not give them an excuse as to what they do. “Sexual assault is NOT a crime of passion, driven by a strong desire for sex; it is a violent crime driven by a desire for dominance. Most perpetrators of sexual assault have access to consensual sex with someone other than the victim. Furthermore, it is not a result of ‘mixed signals’. Each and every sexual act requires active and willing consent for it not to be sexual assault. For example, two people who have been kissing or flirting all night does not constitute consent. Most people (including most men) do not have trouble interpreting their partner’s sexual signals. Sexual assault happens because a perpetrator believes that they are entitled to have sex or sexual contact with another person without that person’s consent” (“Causes of Sexual Assault”). No matter what the molester states whether it be “she asked for it” or “she enjoyed it”, if the victim did not say yes, it is sexual

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