Discrimination In Schools Pros And Cons

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In the today 's generation, there are still many problems we face as a country that have to do with racism. It seems like as it becomes more recognized, it also becomes more acceptable in the white community. In the 21st Century there are many signs that racism is still very much alive like the discrimination in schools, the arrest rates for minor offenses, and the image given to certain races by the news.

If you look at minority students in public schools, you can see an undeniable amount of discrimination against them. In a study done by the Department of Education it shows that black students, especially black males, are more likely to be punished for the same action done by a white student starting as early as kindergarten. In a recent
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When looking at multiple charts and studies there are countless cases that show that discrimination isn 't just in the school systems, or in some people 's hearts, but also in the law system. In a simulation done, it is proven that black teens are 21 times more likely to be shot and killed by a cop than a white teenager. Cop shootings on unarmed black teens are becoming more common by the day and this simulation is proof that it isn 't because of the person in front of the gun, but the person behind the gun. During a simulation people were presented with black and white teens carrying guns, knives, slurpees, wallets, etc. People were quicker to shoot the black teenager without less thought, even if he was just carrying a cellphone. When presented with white males in the simulation people took more time to think about shooting even if the white teen had a gun in their hand. More observations took place. The reason for this? People seem to be afraid of black people, even though white people are the ones killing black people. Another chart shows that even though white people are more commonly found with drugs, black people have the higher rate for going to jail due to drug possession. Even though it is more common to find white people in possession of all the drugs (i.e. cocaine, crack, hallucinogens, inhalants, marijuana, …show more content…
When looking at the news you always notice how there is a bad or tragic story about black people, or how black people are only brought on to talk about sports or black issues, or how there is a very limited amount of black people compared to the white people there. You never go on and see black stories that uplift that black community in 100% positive way or have a black man or woman featured for their pure intelligence and not their insight on being black. Watching the news on a regular basis can become upsetting as I am half black. I have seemed to notice that even though all these great things are happening in the black community across America they are hardly recognized. The most common stories that uplifts the black community in a positive way is a community coming together to support a family after losing a black life. You never see the stories about that uplift the black community just because of how amazingly inspiring the story is. Like Urban Prep graduating all of its students for the fourth consecutive year, and every student being accepted to either a four year college or a university. Where are the stories that inspire a generation to be strong within itself and love its culture? Why do you never see smart black men or women brought on the news for their intelligence about problems overseas or in politics that don 't have to do with race but

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