Essay: The Importance Of Life Sentence In Prisons

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In the United States, 1 of every 2,000 residents is serving a life sentence due to the crime they had done in their lifetime. Inside the walls of the prison, One in every nine prisoner is serving a life sentence in due to chargers they have. United states hold the world largest population of offenders serving a life sentence.
California holds a quarter of the 49,000 thousand offenders serving a life sentence followed by Florida (12,549) and New York (10,245), Texas (9,031), Georgia (7,938), Ohio (6,075), Michigan (5,137), Pennsylvania (5,104) and Louisiana (4,657). Most the prisoners incarcerated are because of homicide, homicide is one of the most seen cases the federal government has had in the past years. In only 2008 alone the rate of offenders
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Even if the crime you have been convicted of hasn’t been the same as the one you have been convicted by the first time. In order for an offender to apply to this law your 3 strike must be serious or a violent felony. This law is intended to keep murders, rapist, and child molesters behind bars. Till this day most of the offenders serving a life sentence are because of nonviolent crimes. 45% percent of the pollution serving a life sentence under the 3 strikes law are African Americans. This new law adds 19,000 billion dollars to the prison budget. This affects and in favors the prison system in serving ways. Many offenders don’t go back to prison due to this law because any crime that the offenders make can cause them there freedom. One way it affects it is that prisons are getting more coward by prisoners getting sentence to a life sentence (LWOP). This law was in force because of a tragic murdered of a young woman named Kimber Reynolds and Polly Klass. These two stories are similar to each others both of this young woman were tragically murdered by offenders having a criminal records from previous

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