Why Do You Choose Your Own Business

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I have a lot of things that are on my bucket list. Whether it’s becoming a better golfer or traveling the world, but one of the things I would love to do is own my own business and create multiple jobs along with multiple dollars. Two businesses that I would personally like to own is an insurance company and a clothing line. Lots of people don’t understand why people want to be business owners. They tend to think of all of the cons to it and not the pros, or they simply just don 't get it at all. Owning a business is definitely rewarding. Rewards can be defined in many different ways, because everyone is different. Something that would reward me is being able to be my own boss, the extra cash flow, and being able to succeed. For others it may be …show more content…
There are a big number of tax dollars that need to get paid though, which tends to make it harder for companies to grow bigger, or keep them at a higher savings. Some companies want to become bigger and expand into an international business. With small business owners, they tend to turn to government incentive programs so they can do so (Moore). Since there are so many regulations that have to be followed and it forms more liabilities. Liabilities are the opposite of assets. It is what a company owes instead of owns. This is obviously not a good thing. This could mean being in debt depending on how much the company owes. People may think, “Why would I want to be business owner with all of these risks involved?”. It’s not always going to be easy. Besides, what is easy? Being a business owner is risky because all the money you have is being put into the business and that is taking a chance of either going for it all, or losing it all. I’m personally a risk taker because I don’t want to settle for less, I want to go for it all. What’s the difference from driving in a bad storm and owning a business? It’s all risky so just go for

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