Lap Band Surgery Case Study

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Why Is Lap Band Surgery No Longer Recommended?
Even though the gastric banding or (lap band) surgery procedure was extremely popular several years ago, as it stands now, many surgeons no longer recommended this type of surgery due to the long-term complications that are associated with it, as well as the emergence of safer and more effective procedures. In this article, we are going to look at some of the primary reasons why many surgeons no longer recommended the laparoscopic band surgery.

Does Not Help To Repair Liver Damage As Efficiently As Other Producers
Liver disease commonly known as Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) is estimated to be present in as many as 86% of everyone who suffer from severe obesity. If left untreated,
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- felt so unconfident about their own product that they sold it. Allergan Inc. announced that it struck a deal to sell its failed treatment product back in 2008. This was due to the fact that the medical community as a whole, criticized it as being less effective and significantly slower to produce results, in comparison to other weight loss surgery procedures. The point being is that, the company felt confident about the effectiveness of their product, that they sold it to another company. This in itself is seen as a red flag within the medical community, because rarely if ever, does a manufacturer sell the rights to their own product to another company if it is performing as expected in terms of profitability and value to the customer.

Higher Failure and Revisions Rates
The medical community has come to realize that gastric banding, has higher failure and revision rates, in comparison to gastric bypass. A prime example of such, would be the study that was conducted by the University Obesity Center in Belgium, which occurred in 1997. During the study, researchers concluded that laparoscopic band surgery gives a 50% chance of experiencing a complication which is significantly higher than gastric bypass surgery.

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