Genetic Argumentative Essay

The genetic make-up of the human race is supposed to be “natural,” untouched you could say. At least that is how it used to be. The only way some could have their future unborn child with the genetics they wanted is to have their husband or “baby daddy” with the make-up of their choice. Some would only reproduce with guys who have green eyes, hoping their baby would inherit green eyes. Nothing could come out 100% guaranteed. Others would go to sperm banks and be able to look at the genetic side of a male and use his sperm for the simple fact he was to their taste. However, technology has improved drastically, especially during the 21st century. Doctors and scientists suddenly realize nothing is impossible. Through the process called in-vitro …show more content…
"Not only will it allow us to study diseases more in-depth, it also could be a key step in the successful development of future stem cell therapies," Donovan This process would bring our health care knowledge to another level, and it seems that most are just afraid of “Super Humans”. Krimsky fails to mention how we can prevent diseases that we still have no cure for, disabilities that alter a human’s life tremendously. Would it be unselfish for us not take this technology into effect! If you know your husband has muscular dystrophy in his genes and you can prevent your child from having that don’t you think they would thank you later on in …show more content…
Creating designer babies is believed to be on the same lines."-Johnson
Many believe this is unethical. A way of "playing with nature." We arent suppose to be able to control these things because that means we are playing "god." Anything from diseases to gender and hair color is fate and that is exactly how it is suppose to be. The higher class won 't only stop diseases of their offspring but they will be tempted to change their hair color, eye color, gender and anything else controlled and becoming open to change in an embryo, is this process fair? Or is this process only for the rich? If Kim Kardashian can go and make her perfect baby whom is smart and beautiful why can’t a middle class woman like myself. Right now we are looking at it costing thousands of dollars, something that only the wealthy will be able to afford. People believe this will make the U.S a more discriminating country than it is right now. Only the upper class will be able to make their kids smarter, and better looking. Would it be an unfair process for a “un-designer” child to have to compete with a designer child in the future? It is a great possibility

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